Welcome to Apache County

Apache County Broadband Grant

Apache County receives $9.7 million for high speed internet infrastructure. See the broadband and internet infrastructure development press release announcement for more information.

Come see what we have to offer!

Abundant land and beauty have characterized Apache County and our proud, resilient people for over 150 years. We are proud to live, work, and serve here. 

Apache County is growing. Our current population of 70,000 is increasing as permanent jobs and support services are created with the expansion of the Springerville Generating Station. Our land values continue to increase as new subdivisions are approved and those living in the more metropolitan parts of the state seek rural property and second homes as a refuge from their daily lives. 

Mission Statement 

Our mission is to serve our citizens through efficient allocation of resources and services, develop cooperative working relationships with communities and governments, and encourage residents and visitors to enjoy the diverse cultural heritage and abundant outdoor activities this County has to offer. 

Vision Statement

We envision a future where residents are healthy and successful and where our communities are safe and vibrant. We will strive to meet and exceed expectations by engaging people and communities in developing innovative solutions to challenges. We will be a diverse learning organization. We will partner with others to enhance the quality of life in Apache County and the region.

Redistricting Information

We are posting our redistricting maps online so that you may review them at your convenience. We invite you to view the documents below for review.