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COVID-19 Information for Apache and Navajo County

The Arizona Department of Health Services has important information regarding COVID-19 available to the public. We invite you to take a moment to review the information for Apache and Navajo County.

Board of Supervisors Meeting and Holiday Schedule 2021
Community Wildfire Protection Plan to Be Reviewed & Updated
CWPP Community Wildfire Protection Plan

We are revising and updating the 2004 Apache Communities Wildfire Protection Pan (CWPP) via a State Fire Assistance grant through the Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management. We are revising the CWPP in accordance with requirements of the Healthy Forests Restoration Act of 2003 and through the use of enhanced fire behavior modeling, and analyses of current wildfire threat within the planning areas. The CWPP will assess communities at risk from wildland fire and revise recommendations to reduce wildland vegetative fuel and structural ignitibility. Recommendations within the revised CWPP, when implemented, are designed to reduce the threat wildfire through the fostering of ‘fire adapted’ communities, as more resilient and prepared to wildfire. 

Drawing of fire adapted communities

We invited a core team of agency resource specialists in wildland fire management to direct the analysis process. The core team will review and amend where necessary the Wildland Urban Interface boundary, determine wildland fire threat, effects and risk to communities, structure, and infrastructure within the wildland-urban interface. We encourages public comments and invites all residents to review the 2004 CWPP.

We encourage all Apache County residents to submit any questions or comments you may have about the Apache Communities Wildlife Protection Plan revision. 

Please submit your comments by October 17, 2020, by:

  • Email to Malena Bazurto-Hannah or
  • Mail to 2020 CWPP Revision, Apache County Emergency Management, PO Box 428, Saint Johns, AZ 85936 
  • Be sure to include your name, email, phone, and location along with your questions and/or comments

We scheduled a series of public information meetings as follows to allow for questions and concerns to be addressed. 

  • August 31, 2020, at Greer Community Center at 3:00 p.m. 
  • September 1, 2020, at Alpine Community Center at 3:00 p.m. 
  • September 2, 2020, at Nutrioso Community Center at 3:00 p.m. 
  • September 3, 2020, at Apache County Round Valley Annex Conference Room, Springerville at 3:00 p.m. 

State of Arizona and Apache County mandated COVID-19 safe gathering guidelines will be observed, including (but not limited to): 

  1. The wearing of facemasks 
  2. Social distancing
  3. Maximum attendees as limited by 50% of meeting room capacity. 

Please contact Apache County Public Health Services District for questions or concerns related to COVID-19 safety at (928) 337-7694.

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