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The Apache County Assessor’s Office is responsible for locally assessed real and personal property. Apache County uses the revenues generated from taxable primary property value to fund the general operating and maintenance expenses of taxing jurisdictions, budget override levies, debt service on bonded indebtedness, and for the purposes intended by any special assessments.

Our Mission

It is our goal to be responsive to our citizens, delivering accurate and fair property assessments annually, while inspiring confidence in local government.

Appraisal & Assessment Administration

Under the direction of Assessor Rodger Dahozy, the assessor’s office performs real and personal property appraisal and assessment administration. 

Real property is defined as land and buildings (including affixed manufactured housing), all types of improvements on possessory rights (IPRs), and land used for agricultural purposes. 

Personal property includes property used for commercial, industrial, and agricultural purposes and residential unsecured manufactured housing. For more information: 

Go Green: Sign Up for Paperless Notifications

You help the environment, and we save money that we can put to better use in the county budget. To register for paperless notifications, start by entering the Assessor’s Parcel Information Search tool, select the “Eagleweb Property Records Database” button, and enter your parcel information to locate your account. Select your account, then “Verify Email” from the left side of the page. Enter your email address and key code (printed on the top of your Annual Notice of Value), then select the "Submit Email" button.

Tax Court

If you missed the deadline to appeal the assessed property value with the Apache County Assessor’s office, you can still appeal your full cash value with the Arizona Tax Court before December 15 of the valuation year. The Arizona Tax Court has jurisdiction over disputes anywhere in the state. You will need to follow all directions as outlined by the state; please do not send anything to the Apache County Assessor’s office.


We are happy to provide you with copies of documents and data sets based on the following fee schedule: 

  • Pick up: $1.00/page 
  • Mailed: $1.50/page 
  • Data set: $300 

For map requests, please contact the Engineer’s office GIS/Mapping Division.

Contact Information

Office Hours:
6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Monday through Thursday, closed Friday 

Apache County Annex Building - 1st Floor
75 W. Cleveland St.
PO Box 770
St Johns, AZ 85936 

P: (928) 337-7624
F: (928) 337-3386