Chinle Justice Court Bond Fee Schedule

State Mandated Surcharges/County Fines are included

*** If your violation is not listed below, you must contact the Court prior to your appearance date. ***

28-702.01A Waste of Finite Resources   $92.00  
1–10 miles over posted speed $157.00 11–15 miles over posted speed $191.00
16–20 miles over posted speed $291.00 21–25 miles over posted speed $391.00
26–30 miles over posted speed $496.00
**28-701.02A1 thru 28-701.02A3 Criminal Speed - Must see judge.
28-3151A **Dismissed with proof of current valid license $116.00

28-701A Accident $191.00

** Contact the Court if violation involves injury/death.
28-721 – 28-734 $191.00
28-907A Child passenger restraint $138.00
28-909A1 – 28-909B $64.00

28-2153A No Current Registration $157.00 **If current at time cited but not in possession $116.00
28-2532A Non-current registration $598.00 ** If current at time cited by not in possession $139.00
No Proof of Insurance
A.R.S. 28-4135A thru A.R.S. 28-4135C

If no insurance 1st violation at time of the appearance $984.00
If current at time of violation but not in possession with providing proof $156.40
All other violations, defendant must contact the court.