Constables are elected officers of the district in which they reside and serve as the executive officer of the Justice Court.

Constable Duties

Apache County Constable badge

Each constable is empowered to serve all processes generated by the justice court or other competent authority, including: 

  • Execute and return writs of possession or restitution (evictions)
  • Serve orders of protection and orders prohibiting harassment 
  • Summon jurors 
  • Serve criminal and civil summons and subpoenas 
  • Provide judicial security 
  • Levy and return writs of execution (seize property to satisfy judgments) 
  • Store seized personal property 
  • Conduct sales of seized property to satisfy judgments 
  • Return served summons to the judge

Processing Fees

Please make payments with a personal check or money order. Make payable to: “Apache County Constable.” 

Civil Summons - $40
(Add $24.00 for each additional defendant at the same address.) 

Forcible Detainer Summons - $46
(Add $30.00 to serve additional defendants at the same address.) 

Writ of Restitution - $79
(Includes posting Notice and Eviction.) 

Writ of Execution - $125
(Includes levy, posting notices, and sale; at sale, add 8%.) 

Writ of Garnishment - $69
(Seize wages or bank account) 

Writ of Attachment - $89
(Seize property prior per-judgment) 

Harassment Injunction $40
(If juvenile, add $40.00 to serve the parent/guardian. No fee if dating.) 

Supplemental Proceeding - $40
(Debtor’s exam) 

Civil Subpoena - $40
(Order to witness to testify at trial) 

Skip Trace $56
(Search records at post office; utility companies; court) 

Domestic Violence - No Fee 

Criminal Subpoena or Summons - No Fee 

Minimum fees are set by state law A.R.S. 11-445 and county ordinances. The first six miles are included in the fee shown; and $2.40 per mile if one-way travel exceeds six miles. Mileage is calculated one way from the Justice Court at $2.40 per mile. If more than one trip is needed, you could be billed up to three trips. This list shows minimum fees. Please make sure you have a good address and know what time you expect the person to be at home to save on the number of trips that have to be made.

Meet the Apache County Constables

Roger Curtis
Constable - RoundValley
P: (928) 245-2481
814 Safari Dr.
Eager, AZ 85925
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About Roger Curtis


Lance Pearce
Constable - St. Johns
P: (928) 551-7476
370 S. Washington St.
PO Box 308
St. Johns, AZ 85936
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About Lance Pearce

As a third-generation St. Johns resident and fourth-generation Apache County resident, Lance has deep roots in Apache County. Great-Grandpa Joe Pearce was a member of the Arizona Rangers and well known for the "big iron on his hip." Great-Grandpa James Shreeve was an Arizona State Representative when Lyman Lake became a state park, Great-Grandpa Rothlisberger helped settle Vernon, Arizona, and Great-Grandpa Pearce helped settle Eagar, Arizona.

Lance's dad, Donald Pearce, provided dirt work throughout the county and was instrumental in the development of St. Johns, Concho Valley, and surrounding areas. Lance has served Apache County residents for many years as an Apache County deputy sheriff and city of St. Johns reserve police officer. Lance was also one of the driving forces behind the establishment of the St. Johns Fire Department Explorers program in existence today. Lance is proud to serve the people of Apache County and strives to "stand close together and lift where he stands."

Samuel Wood
Constable - Sanders
P: (928) 245-5923
PO Box 610
Sanders, AZ 86512
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About Samuel Wood