The County Engineering Department works closely with all three county supervisors to:

  • Maintain county roads and signage
  • Facilitate the 9-1-1 addressing program countywide
  • Maintain a county Geographical Information System (GIS) online
  • Administer funding for county projects
  • Assist local businesses and residents regarding floodplain management and easement issues
  • Coordinate/cooperate with state, reservation, and federal departments on a wide range of roads issues


County Roads Improvement District

For county residents looking for ways to minimize the effects of dust from dirt roads, maintain access to their property in bad weather, or simply improve the appearance of their community, a County Road Improvement District (CRID) may be the answer. 

Learn the benefits of and how to form a CRID.

Apache County road improvements

Floodplain Management

For information regarding floodplain maps, please contact our office. 

For floodplain requests and flood hazard permits, please contact the Apache County Community Development Planning and Zoning Division

For emergency flood preparedness information, please refer to the flood hazard information provided on this page and visit our Emergency Management page. 

You can access and print current floodplain maps from the FEMA Flood Map Service Center. It is helpful to have location coordinates, or you can use the zoom feature to find your location.

Floods in Apache County

Magnesium Chloride Application

Magnesium chloride controls dust and stabilizes aggregate by acting as a binding agent to provide safer roads and driving conditions, fewer potholes, improved durability, and cleaner air. 

Before the county sprays roads with magnesium chloride, we inspect the roads for permeability, smoothness, and proper drainage shaping. If these conditions do not exist, then they must be rectified. The recommended application rate of magnesium chloride is 0.5 gallons per square yard, applied over two applications. This usually provides control and stabilization for two to six months depending on weather and condition of the road base.

Contact Information

Office Hours:
6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Monday through Thursday, closed Friday 

Apache County Annex Building
75 West Cleveland Street
PO Box 238
St. Johns, AZ 85936 

P: (928) 337-7528
F: (928) 337-2062

Engineering Staff

  • Ferrin Crosby
    County Engineer - Engineering
    P: (928) 337-7530
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  • Bo Hounshell
    Highway Superintendent/Drone Program - Engineering
    P: (928) 337-7942
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