Environmental Services Division

The goal of the Environmental Health Division is to maintain and improve the health of the public through regulation of public facilities, food safety inspections, safe wastewater disposal, investigating nuisance complaints, health hazards, environmental complaints, and enforcement of rules and regulations.

What We Do

The Environmental Services Division is responsible for: 

  • Food safety - inspection and permitting of restaurants, bars, school kitchens, mobile food vendors, food vendors at special events, and other venues at which food is prepared for and served to the public 
  • Investigation of food-borne complaints - education of food service workers instructing them in basic food safety and personal hygiene principles 
  • Public accommodations - inspection of hotels, motels, and other nightly rental facilities to ensure clean and sanitary conditions exist 
  • Bathing places - inspection of public and semi-public pools to prevent unsafe water quality conditions that could lead to disease transmission 
  • Children and youth camps - inspection of camps to minimize unsafe conditions and promote healthful conditions at the camp 
  • Public nuisance complaints - investigate complaints and enforcement of rules to eliminate unsanitary conditions 
  • Wastewater - review of plans, permitting, and inspections of septic tank systems or other onsite sewage disposal systems 
  • Environmental complaints - investigate complaints and enforce rules to eliminate environmental nuisances


Apache County Public Health Services District inspects public accommodations at least once per year to assure compliance with Arizona State Health Department regulations. Inspection of these facilities includes the grounds, bedding, food service, drinking water and ice, water supply, refuse storage and disposal, bathroom, sewage disposal, insect and vermin control, ventilation, safety equipment, and venting of gas appliances. 

We also issue permits to public accommodations facilities.

Food Service Establishment Licenses

The process for opening a food service establishment begins with submitting an application for a food service license. Please include the following: 

  • Thorough plans, including detailed drawings 
  • A complete menu 
  • Fee payment 

We will review the application based on the Food Code and require you to correct any deficiencies before commencing construction. Once the plan is in full compliance, we will issue a letter of authorization. We will perform at least one inspection before issuing the license to operate. Forms, applications, and fee schedules are available on this page.

Wastewater Applications

To obtain a valid septic permit and construction authorization, submit a Notice of Intent to Discharge together with thorough plans, detailed drawings, site evaluation data, and the appropriate fee payment. We will conduct a minimum of two inspections during construction. Upon satisfactory completion of construction, the applicant must submit a Request to Discharge for approval. 

  • Wastewater permits - license the planning and construction of on-site wastewater systems through plan reviews and inspections 
  • Aquifer protection - ensure groundwater is protected by enforcement of state law and administrative rule

ADEQ Liaison Program

ADEQ’s Community Liaison Program brings advocacy and service to rural Arizona by placing knowledgeable and helpful staff where they can be closer to the communities they serve and have more frequent, direct contact with customers.

Environmental Services Division Contacts

  • Michael Madrid
    Environmental Services Division, Sanitarian
    P: (928) 337-7640