Living in Apache County

Possessing a unique and distinct beauty, ours is a county of contrasts. From the blue spruce and aspen-covered mountains near Alpine and Nutrioso to Greer Valley where the clear, cold waters of the Little Colorado River flow northward to Round Valley and St. Johns, and truly a world apart, the Navajo Nation lands with their piñon-covered mesas, red sandstone cliffs, huge open valleys, and hidden canyons, the splendor of Apache County abounds.

Rural Living

Primitive Road sign cautioning drivers to use at their own risk

Life in the country is different from life in the city, and there are many things to consider so you can make an educated and informed decision before purchasing rural land. Even though you pay property taxes, these taxes do not cover the cost of services provided to rural residents and limits what we can provide. Be prepared to adapt your lifestyle to accommodate these limitations. 

The Code of the West includes information about the many issues that may affect your decision to purchase a piece of property. It is not our intention to discourage you; but rather to encourage you to thoroughly research these considerations to avoid unexpected costs and disappointments. 

Roads and Access
Utility Services
Wide-Open Spaces
Mother Nature