Marriage Licenses

Marriage licenses can be obtained at the Apache County Superior Court, Clerk of the Court’s Office or at any of the following Justice Courts: 

Chinle (928) 674-5922
Puerco (928) 688-2729
Round Valley (928) 333-4613

Obtaining a Marriage License

License Fee: $83 payable via cash, credit card, personal check, or money order made out to “Clerk of the Court” 

Both parties must appear with valid picture identification and complete and sign an affidavit affirming identity.


A parent or legal guardian must accompany minors who wish to obtain a marriage license. A parent/guardian must sign a notarized statement of permission for the minor to marry. Minors under 16 years of age must also complete an interview with a Superior Court judge before obtaining a license.

After the Ceremony

Following the marriage ceremony, the officiator must sign and deliver the bottom portion of the marriage license to the Clerk’s Office for recording. The newly-married couple keeps the top part of the original license.