Probation Services

The mission of the Apache County Probation Department is to serve the communities of the county, enhance the work environment through positive interaction, hold offenders accountable, and uphold the integrity of the court.

Apache County Judges

The Probation Services Department operates under the leadership of Apache County judges: 

Honorable Michael Latham, Superior Court Judge
Honorable Steve Williams, Judge Pro Tem

Adult Probation Services

We provide the following probation programs: 

  • Standard Probation Supervision 
  • Intensive Probation Supervision 
  • Drug Treatment Education Fund 
  • Community Restitution

Juvenile Probation Services

We provide the following probation programs: 

  • Diversion 
  • Standard/High Risk Probation 
  • JIPS (Juvenile Intensive Probation Supervision) 
  • RAFT (Renewing Arizona Family Traditions) 
  • RAP (Restitution Accountability Program)

Contact Information

Probation Administration Office
245 West 1st South
St. Johns, AZ 85936

(928) 337-7571 

Field Offices: 

Ft. Defiance
Arizona 86504

Round Valley/Springerville Office
309 S. Mountain Ave. #8
Springerville, AZ 85938

P: (928) 551-0104

St. Johns
50 E Cleveland
PO Box 100
St. Johns, AZ 85936
P: (928) 245-6951

Probation Services Staff

Paul Hancock
Chief Probation Officer/Director
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About Paul Hancock

Paul began his tenure with Apache County Probation Services in 2015 as chief probation officer/director. Paul holds a bachelor‰Ûªs degree in business administration and is currently completing a master‰Ûªs degree. He has worked in probation for 15 years serving as a juvenile standard and intensive probation officer, an adult standard and intensive probation officer, a pre-sentence report investigator, a firearms instructor, a defensive tactics instructor, Simunitions Certified, and a Glock armorer. Paul has also been a field supervisor, deputy chief, and interim chief probation officer. Paul was born and raised in the Holbrook area and moved to St. Johns in 2006. For 15 years prior to accepting his current position, he worked for Navajo County Probation.

Seth Slade
Deputy Chief
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About Seth Slade