Superior Court

Apache County Superior Court

The superior court is the state’s general jurisdiction court. It is a single entity with locations in each county. Each county elects a superior court judge. Since 2014, the Honorable Michael Latham has served as the Presiding Superior Court Judge of Apache County.

General Power of Superior Court

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The superior court, in addition to the powers conferred by constitution, rule or statute, may proceed according to the common law. 

The superior court has original jurisdiction of: 

  • cases and proceedings in which exclusive jurisdiction is not vested by law in another court; 
  • cases of equity and at law which involve the title to or possession of real property or the legality of any tax, impost, assessment, toll, or municipal ordinance; 
  • cases in which the demand or value of property in controversy amounts to $1000 or more, exclusive of interest and costs; 
  • criminal cases amounting to felony, and cases of misdemeanor not otherwise provided for by law; 
  • actions of forcible entry and detainer; 
  • proceedings in insolvency; 
  • actions to prevent or abate nuisance; 
  • matters of probate; 
  • divorce and for annulment of marriage; 
  • naturalization and the issuance of papers therefore; 
  • special cases and proceedings not otherwise provided for; and 
  • such other jurisdiction as may be provided by law.

Courtroom Rules

The court does not issue any warnings—we will remove any violators from the courtroom. 

  • No talking while court is in session 
  • No small children allowed in court 
  • No hats or bandanas 
  • Turn off cell phones and other electronic devices 
  • No food or drink 
  • No talking to defendants in custody 
  • No shorts or tank tops 
  • No sleeping

Telephonic Courtroom Appearances

You may appear in court via Zoom telephonic conference. Please be aware that you are subject to the same court rules as if you were to appear in person. Please carefully review the rules for telephonic court appearances. Your attorney will provide the Zoom call-in number or link for you.

To view Apache County Superior Court public hearings, please visit our YouTube channel.

Hearings in Apache County:

  • Judge Latham Criminal Law and Motion - Mondays and Wednesdays

Please contact your attorney for information regarding specific cases or Zoom information.

Telephonic Courtroom Decorum

CASA of Apache County

The Apache County CASA program promotes and supports community-based volunteers who advocate on behalf of abused and neglected children in juvenile dependency cases. Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs) are the only volunteers that are appointed by a judge and empowered to stand up for an abused or neglected child in court. 

Become a CASA Volunteer 

The children need you, the everyday citizen, to advocate and stand up on their behalf. Help us protect our most vulnerable citizens, and learn how you can help children in need

Contact Information:
CASA of Apache County
PO Box 1222
St. Johns, Arizona 85936 

P: (928) 337-3552
F: (928) 337-7950